Mount Bromo for Bromo Midnight Tour

Dec 18, 2018
Bromo Mountain is probably the most famous volcano on Indonesia. Located in Eastern part of Java Island, this mountain is surely a magnet for tourism. What makes this mountain so special is the view of the sunrise.

You might have seen a lot of sunrise before. It is the same sun we see every day, every morning, wherever we are. It is so typical where we know exactly what’s going to happen, exactly what colours we expect to see. But we will tell you there is something more than that in Bromo Mountain.

If you want to go the Bromo Mountain, the best city to start your journey is from Malang as it is the easiest way to get there. Malang is the largest city in East Java and has a lot of tourism attractions you can enjoy it first before you go to Bromo Mountain.

Mount Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo Day Trip Possibility

Mount Bromo is possible to be done for day-trip or half-day visit. Usually we start around 1 AM in the morning, (yes you must sacrifice your sleeping time). They will take you with four wheels drive car to the sunrise view point in Penanjakan. Do not be surprised when you get there and everything is still totally in the dark. There are some small food stalls or warung so you can sit and wait there, enjoy the simple (super earlier) breakfast such as deep fried banana, potato or instant ramen noodle (Popmie) and hot drinks to make you warmer. If you book your trip in a tour operation, some of them provide it with simple breakfast too.

Penanjakan view is the most famous place to see the Bromo sunrise. A lot of people will gather together there with you to witness the sunrise. In order to find a good spot to see the view perfectly, you may kindly waiting there for a while. The number of people who is going to be there sometimes unexpectedly. Early birds get the worm, we say.

As the sky brightened up, the waiting will also be over. There comes the perfect golden circle that peeked out from the clouds in the distance.  A perfect sunrise that was totally worth the wait in the cold. You may called it the sunrise yolk because it will remind you to egg yolk. Slowly but sure the sun rises in the cloud opened the view.

You will see the light opened the surreal view that is spreading in front of you. Mount Bromo actually is not alone in this national park. Mount Batok and the highest point of Java Island, Mount Semeru are also there. Together, they will bring you the best landscape that catches your breath between the cloud and mountains. Take your time there, enjoying the view and the warm sunrise.

Your journey will not be over yet. After enjoying the scenery in Penanjakan View Point, they will bring you to the Bromo Crater. If you see the Batok Mountain from afar before, you will get there as the crater just behind that mountain. It will take around 30-45 minutes to get there. As the car parked, you will need to continue your journey by yourself. There are some horse that you can rent to ride to go up to the crater if you feel tired and lazy to walk up.

It needs around 30-45 minutes to walk up to the crater. There are around 250 stairs to climbed before you get so close to the volcano’s crater. It will be dusty, the smoke and fumes were supposedly toxic so you might need some masker to cover your mouth and nose. There had been times when it was so active that the place had to be closed down.  The crater is all smoking hot, dry and dusty on this mountain but next to it, Mount Botak is a really stark contrast because it seems evergreen.

When you finished your journey from the crater, you might go back to the parking area, and the driver will drive you to black sand. Local people called it Bukit Pasir Berbisik which means “Whispering Sea of Sand”. All you will see is a widely black sand spreading just like an ocean. You can even hear the wind blows slowly.

Not only just Bukit Pasir Berbisik, they will bring you also to explore more to the further area which is called the Teletubbies Hills or The Savannah area. The area was covered in rich fertile soil where the toxicity of the volcano smog could not reach and when Bromo Mountain erupted previously. Hence the area is lushness of the greens and the air is so fresh so that you can literally smell the grass in the air. After you finished enjoying the area, the driver will bring you back to Malang.

Mount Bromo View from Volcano

Best Visit Time

The best time to visit Bromo will be during dry season because usually the sky will be so clear at that time. It starts around June-July until the end of the year. But do not worry about it so much. Bromo mountain will be open the whole year. The unique part is Bromo mountain has different vegetation depends on the season. During dry season, the savanah will be yellowish dry just like what you see in autumn. But when it comes to rainy season, the land will be green and has more colors as the flowers will be bloomed.

What To Bring During Mount Bromo Visit

You will need to bring jacket and warm clothes as it will be cold up there. During dry season, the temperature will decreased until 5 degrees, but it will be warmer on rainy season. Wear your comfortable shoes to walk to the crater. If you find a good tour agent, they will also provide you with good masker. But don’t worry, when the sun already up, it will be lot warmer especially when you start to climb the stairs to the crater.

There are a lot of Tour Operation or Tour Agent that will help you to accommodate your trip to Bromo. Or you can check to MADOR HOSTEL Team and they will help you to organize the trip with the most affordable price in town.

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