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Tumpaksewu : East Java Most Epic Waterfall

Quoted from Tumpak Sewu, which means a thousand waterfalls is without a doubt, the most spectacular and best waterfall in Indonesia.

The Happening Tourism Objects in Malang

Mainstream tourism objects in Malang are Batu, Angkot Museum, Jatim Park, and Eco Green Park. Tourists surely visit those places when they arrived in

10 Survive Tips for Staying in Hostel

Some young travelers are terrified of staying in a hostel. Maybe they saw that horror film by the same name (thanks a

Candi (Temple) around Malang

A candi (ing english, temple) is a Hindu or Buddhist temple in Indonesia, mostly built during zaman Hindu-Buddha or “Indianized period”, between the

Cultural History Tourism in Malang

Cultural History Tourism in Malang By Rohmawati Salamun Malang, city with thousands cultural tourism sites. This article will show you – not